Marsh Creek Connectors

Marsh Creek Connectors

Peggy Gachet, Greg and Becca Crum are avid supporters of the Marsh Creek Connectors. The group raises awareness and funds to purchase unbudgeted equipment for Flagler Hospital’s Emergency Care Center Services. The Crum-Gachet Team sponsors a Trade Show annually at Marsh Creek to promote hometown service vendors from Salon/Spa services to Roofing to Financial Management to Assisted Living. Other Connector activities include the “Meet the Docs” Wine & Cheese Party. It gives Marsh Creek homeowners and Country Club members the opportunity to meet and talk one-on-one with Flagler Hospital doctors from a number of medical disciplines. The Connectors website has additional information and a membership form.

Here’s the Marsh Creek Connector’s website link:

Link To Past Trade Shows

Click Here for a full list of past Marsh Creek Tradeshows

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